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King Oyster Mushroom Scallop

Serves 3 - Prep Time 5 mins - Cook Time 15 mins

Maybe you're starting to see a pattern with our mushroom man recipes? Its all about simple, classic flavours that help the mushrooms shine and these tasty King Scallops are no exception. Really, you won't believe its mushroom!

We've paired the scallops with a Beetroot & Fennel dip and asparagus, but the world is your oyster (mushrooms) when it comes to your sides.

We'd love to see what you pair your Scallops with so please tag us on Instagram @markwood.mushrooms so we can give your faves a try too


450GM King Oyster Mushroom, sliced into 2cm scallops

Pepo Farms Walnut Oil, splash

50gm butter

3 gloves garlic, diced

1 chilli, diced (optional)

1 lemon, juiced

4 sprigs of thyme, whole

300gm Asparagus, snap ends off

Beetroot & Fennel Dip (or your choice of puree/mash/dipping sauce)


1. After garlic and chilli are diced, slice king oyster stems into 2cm scallops saving oyster caps for future recipes. Don't forget to score tops and bottoms of scallops.

2. Place pan on stove over medium high heat and add Walnut oil.

3. Add scallops to med-high pan with half butter and cook for 3 mins or until golden brown.

4. Turn scallops to cook other side, adding remainder of butter, garlic, chilli, thyme, cooking for another 2 mins. Then squeeze over half lemon juice.

5. Add asparagus to the same pan and coat in butter and pan juices. Cook for another 3-5mins or until asparagus are al dente.

6. Plate up your scallops with beetroot dip (or choice of sides) and asparagus. Garnish with squeeze of lemon and thyme from pan and enjoy!

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