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EST. JUNE 2022

Get to know the mushroom family & where they spawned from.


To produce a healthier, kinder and more sustainable food source for humanity


To grow mushrooms for humanity by combining the ancient skill of fungi cultivation with futuristic AI technology 


So who is the Mushroom family & where did they spawn from (see what we did there 😉)?

We are a multi generational family business with a passion for fresh food and the land from which it grows. Our founders are John Ward, data scientist and mathematician, Roni Beauchamp, a CEO for an NFP, Adam Beauchamp, a panel beater turned farmer and Emma Beauchamp, a photographer and enthusiastic foodie. 

It was John's vision of applying AI to the mushroom growing process that spawned the idea of Markwood Mushrooms. With Adam's agricultural skills, that vision is now a reality!

We harvested our first crop of mushrooms back in June 2022. The first variety of mushroom we grew was hericium coralloides - commonly known as the Lions Mane Mushroom.


Harvesting that beautiful Lions Mane Mushroom for the first time was a truly memorable and magical moment. Since then, we have expanded our crop to include Blue, Pink, Snow White, Chocolate, Golden and King Oyster mushrooms.

We are dedicated to producing a healthier, kinder and more sustainable food source for humanity. We aspire to grow our own food and develop an improved agriculture system. This system aims to optimise mushroom production by prioritising minimal human interference.


We believe in being open to the new, the challenging, the different and embracing it all with grace.

We're the new kids on the block in all the best ways - passionate, open, energetic, honest and above all...


...we love mushrooms!


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