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Check out the mushrooms Adam's growing this season at the farm

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Lions Mane Mushroom - Hericium erinaceus

Appearance: Pale cream in colour and covered in small hair-like spines

About: Delicate, juicy and sweet with a texture similar to lobster or chicken

Climate: Cool

Fun Fact: Lions Mane Mushroom have amazing health benefits. Studies show they may improve cognitive function, reduce inflammation and boost immunity!

Consume within 10 days


Coral Tooth Mushroom - Hericium coralloides

Appearance: Pale cream colour with delicate coral like appearance

About: For best results cook until mushroom turns pale brown for an intense umami mushroom flavour

Climate: Cool

Consume within 10 days


Pink Oyster MushroomPleurotus Djamor

Appearance: Vibrant pink caps & gills

I mean can we give those gills an extra moment!

About: Smokey, think bacon substitute with your eggs or in your fave pasta dishes

Climate: Warm & toasty

Consume within 7 days


Blue Oyster Mushroom - Pleurotus ostreatus var. Blue Pearl 

Appearance: Pale blue caps with creamy white gills

About: Meaty, yet versatile

Climate: Cool

All about the cooler temps to bring out those perfect blue caps

Consume within 10 days


Snow White Oyster Mushroom - Pleurotus ostreatus 

Appearance: Robust caps with matching white gills

They got their nickname Snow White for a reason 

About: Umami flavours that pair well with many cuisines styles. We find that the longer you cook them, the better they taste

Climate: Cool

Consume within 10 days


Chestnut Mushroom - Pholiota adiposa 

Appearance: Slender stems with brown cap flecked with white

About: A great textural mushroom with a nutty flavour

Climate: Cool


Consume within 14 days


Golden Oyster Mushroom - Pleurotus citrinopileatus

Appearance: Small, delicate golden caps with cream gills

About: Subtle nuttiness

We recommend snipping the full cap and stem straight into a hot pan with butter and garlic to minimise excess handling due to their delicate nature

Climate: Warm Climate

Consume within 5 days

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