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Passionately producing mushrooms in the
Milawa Gourmet Region, Victoria

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Do you know the Mushroom Man?
He lives in Markwood, Victoria, 3678


Hey there fellow foodies 👋🏼

We are Markwood Mushrooms, a passionate and dedicated fungi family and we're proud to share our love of mushrooms with you!

Our fungi experts pair traditional mushroom growing techniques (Stamets is King 🙌🏼) with artificial intelligence (AI). The combination of these skills ensure we are able to bring you consistently, sustainable, nutritious and good looking mushrooms 😏. In short, we aim to use AI to grow the very best mushrooms possible!

Located in the breathtaking Milawa Gourmet Region in Northeast Victoria, we are situated to take advantage of the area's prime growing conditions. The region is renowned for its fresh, local produce and artisanal foods, and we're proud to be a part of this thriving culinary community.


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